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large variety of group fitness sessions


This high intensity class is performed on a stationary bike. It combines cardio endurance in a 45 minute fat burning session. Perfect for fat burning, but also great at shaping and toning muscles.


Pilates is a low impact method of exercise that comprises muscular strength and endurance movements with a focus on improving flexibility. Pilates emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.


Step class is a classic cardio workout. Paired with upbeat music, this class motivates you to keep going.In a fun and energetic atmosphere, you are guaranteed to sweat it out. The class is performed on a height adjustable step to choose the intensity of your workout. 


Acronym for metabolic conditioning, this full body, interval style workout is specifically programmed to train stamina, endurance and increase energy usage. Expect to see the rower, TRX , olympic bars and more in this class.

Strength Training

Strength training formerly known as muscle up is the perfect class for participants who aim to improve their overall strength while shaping and toning their muscles. All major lifts included in this class including deadlifts shoulder press squats pushups lunges hip thrusts and more.

Fit45 – Cardio

FIT45 -Cardio is the ultimate fat burning cardio workout. 13 stations of cardio based exercises to elevate the heart rate and push you into the fat burning zone 45 seconds at each station followed by a 15 second rest period.

Fit45 – Mixed

A total body circuit workout which comprises of 13 stations with a combination ofstrength, cardio, core, plyo and pilates based exercises. 45 seconds at each station with a 15 second rest period. 

Fit45 – Strength

Comprising 13 stations of strength based exercises to shape, tone and strengthenall major muscle groups with an emphasis on legs, booty, arms, back, chest and core. 


Barbell-based workout thats designed to help you get lean, toned and fit. It uses a combination of motivating music tempos whilst working all major muscle groups in a fast paced setting.

T42 BodyChallenge

We are on a mission to empower and transform bodies, hearts and minds through fitness. We are here to help create a lifelong change and through our services you will also find strong, powerful women who are on the same journey as you. We have been building this community for years and we are confident that you will not only make an improvement in your fitness, yet your confidence and outlook on life will significantly increase. This challenge is for all women, no matter what stage you are at in life and in your fitness journey.

We will support you, every step of the way. 

Get Fit


This is more than weight loss. This is about education, guidance, and support. Helping you find a balance between a healthy image that exceeds what we see in the mirror. The care and time that we invest in our clients, speaks volume when it comes to the results. We aim to set up our clients with a stable foundation so they can apply their knowledge to create a sustainable lifestyle, that is not restrictive.

Contact us today, your future self will thank-you. 


Become fit & healthy


It’s time to take the next step. An opportunity that will create new friendships, new experiences and new skills to help showcase a better you. An empowering sisterhood environment where everyone is made to feel special. Know that you are never alone in this journey and there is no better time to invest in yourself then now. 



“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”

-Thomas Jefferson

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